Who we are

What We Believe

We believe in living a life for Christ with a passion that displays how great our God is! We have seen God's grace first hand and with a diverse congregation that is quickly growing, we know we are destined to be the hands and feet of God here in the North East region. From a worship experience that will usher you into the throne room of God, to expository and life applicable teachings, we know you will never be the same. City Wide Church cannot be explained, only experienced!

Our Beliefs

Where We Come From

City Wide Church, formerly known as God’s Victorious Army Church (GVA), was founded in 1984 by Felix Burgos. After Felix Burgos’ passing in 2008, his son, Luis Burgos, was called to Pastor the church and thus changed the name from GVA to City Wide Church, as it is known today. At the start of 2021, City Wide Church, led by Pastor Luis Burgos and First Lady Yesenia Burgos, and Amazing Grace Church, led by Pastors Leonard and Mary Green, formed a union and merged their churches into one body. Together, we continue to work and press toward the vision of becoming Bridgeport, Connecticut’s largest soul saving effort.

Where We Serve

The City of Bridgeport, Connecticut is an urban, and culturally diverse area with a large population made up of approximately 148,654 individuals, according to the 2020 U.S. Census. Bridgeport is a city like no other; every neighborhood, building, and person has its own unique story of how it came to be. Bridgeport has a large demographic of Latinos and African Americans, which plays a big part in livening up our city and creating close-knit communities. These very neighborhoods, communities, and people within our city are part of the vision God has given to City Wide Church; we believe that we can reach these souls and lead them to Jesus by showing them compassion and showing them the love of Jesus, while also discipling and equipping them with God’s word before releasing them back into the very city they live in, so that they may bring their friends, families and loved ones to Jesus.

Our LeadershipOur Mission