We are a Generation Who Loves Jesus

City Youth is for youth starting from their first year of high school up to early college students. Our mission is to lead this generation of young people to the Cross of Jesus Christ, not through gimmicks or hype and not by conforming to this world, but through the Power of the Holy Spirit.

Our goal is to equip the youth to grow in Christ and find their purpose in life.

We see a group of youth people who are passionate for Christ and who are not willing to conform to the ways of this world. We see a youth that loves Jesus Christ and recognizes the importance of a personal relationship with HIM. We see a group of young people that don't speak of a God they don't know, because they do know HIM. We see our youth committed to reaching the lost, the hurt, the poor, and the brokenhearted. We see our young people going where others will not go, reaching those who others have given up on, spreading the gospel to their peers, igniting a passion in those around them, and raising the standard for young people everywhere.

City Youth Nights

Our mission is to see a generation of young people who are free, fully alive, and on fire for God. We are committed to discipling and equipping world-changers and status-quo-breakers to live a life of joy and purpose. Join us every 1st and 2nd Friday of the month from 6:15pm – 8:30pm for City Youth Night!

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